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What is CobraMUSH?

CobraMUSH is a Multi-User Shared Hallucination (MUSH) server program. CobraMUSH's origins were as a variant of PennMUSH, augmenting the security features of PennMUSH with a system of hierarchical divisions, fine-grained powers, and access levels. Since its original fork from PennMUSH in early 2002, CobraMUSH has completely removed all vestiges of the Wizard/Royalty security system.

Today, CobraMUSH is a mature server codebase that is ideal for any MUSH that desires localized control or administration of separate portions of its environment. This is particularly true for MUSHes that have multiple factions that should have their own administrators. CobraMUSH's security system was heavily inspired by TOS TrekMUSE. It was originally designed by Jamie and implemented by Nveid.

The current maintainer of CobraMUSH is Ari. The best way to reach him is at the flagship CobraMUSH site, Typhon Accords TrekMUSH.

Notable Features

  • Highly configurable, fine-grained security
  • In-game crontabs
  • Global attribute read/write locks
  • Channel objects with customizable channel appearance, locks, $commands, and more
  • @su (switch user) and @sd (switch division)
  • MUSHcoding features and functions not available in other MUSH servers that make life easier for your coders

Core Developers

  • Rick Bird, a.k.a. Nveid, most of the original code in CobraMUSH was written by him.
  • Ari Johnson is in charge of the stable and released versions of CobraMUSH.
  • Jamie Warren wrote many of the help files and designed the initial division/power system for CobraMUSH.
  • Depending on the season we may or may not have other developers taking part in the development team.

Getting CobraMUSH

Released versions, patches, and nightly development snapshots of CobraMUSH are available for download from:

Revision Control System

The CobraMUSH developers are in the process of transitioning from darcs to git to keep track of their changes to the code and to facilitate moving bug fixes from the stable branches into the development branches. The CobraMUSH git repository is available online at

Setting up CobraMUSH

After you download your copy of CobraMUSH you may need some help in setting it up for the first time, as CobraMUSH follows a much more security-conscious philosophy when compared to other servers like PennMUSH. You may therefore find some of its configuration options to be somewhat foreign if you are used to other servers. Read the article on getting started with CobraMUSH before you start configuring your copy of CobraMUSH, and the setup process will go more smoothly.

Contributing to CobraMUSH

CobraMUSH welcomes user-contributed patches, bug fixes, and bug reports. Please do not hesitate to contact the development team if you have any ideas or code to offer.

Contributing to the CobraMUSH Wiki

All users are welcome to contribute to the CobraMUSH wiki. Before you make any changes, however, please read the article containing general rules for contributing.

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