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CobraMUSH Powers List

FIXME Explain What each power type is, and finish internal wiki links around crapp in here.

PowerName Type Power Description
ANNOUNCE S1 Power use @wall and @announce commands
ATTACH 2 Power to set divisions
BCREATE B1 Grants the ability to use @bcreate and @newpass powers Less Than the object's level
BUILDER S1 Ability to user builder commands
CAN_NSPEMIT S1 Can use nnospoof pemit commands
CEMIT S1 Power to @cemit
CHAT S1 Denotated a Channel Admin
Combat 3 Power for an optional combat Softcoded system
CQuota 3 Ability to Change Quotas
DAnnounce S1 Ability to use @Dannounce (only applicable with SC inplace that establishes such a command)
DIVISION S1 Power to create & maintain Division objects.
EAnnounce S1 Power to use @Eannounce (only applicable with Sc inplace that establishes such a command)
EMPIRE S1 Power used to do empire specific things with divisions.
EMPOWER L1 Power to empower.
GFUNCS S1 Ability to add functions to the global register.
HALT 3 Ability to @halt other players objects.
IDLE S1 Power to idle to the end of the world.
JOIN 2 Power to Join other players.
LEVEL LS2 Power to change a players class level.
LINK 3 Can @link an exit to anyplace
LOGIN S1 Not subject to login restrictions.
MAILADMIN 3 Can use mail administration commands/functions.
MANY_ATTRIBS 3 Allows a player to have more than the standard configured maximum amount of attributes.
MODIFY 3 Power to modify objects not belonging to you.
NEWPASS 3 Can use @newpassword command.
NOPAY S1 Doesn't need money for anything.
NOQUOTA S1 Unlimited quota.
Nuke 3 Ability to nuke other players.
OPEN 3 Can @open a link from any room.
PASS_LOCKS 3 Can pass most locks.
PCREATE S1 Can use @pcreate command.
PEMIT 3 Can @pemit to most anyone.
POLL S1 @poll'er
PRIVILEGE S1 See privilege
PRIVWHO S1 Ability to get privileged who.
PROGRAM 3 Able to put another player in a @program.
PROGLOCK 3 Power to lock another player in a @program.
Pueblo_Send 3 Allows a player to send pueblo tags.
QUOTA 3 Can use @quota command on other players.
QUEUE S1 Can queue things computationaly expensive.
REMOTE 3 Ability to do things remotely.
RPChat S1 Power to use Chat channels while in RPMODE (If RPMODE_SYS is defined). Automatically handed out on most CobraMUSH games. Only taken away if need be by certain RPA staff.
RPEmit S1 Ability to use @emit and related commands while in RPMode (if RPMODE_SYS is defined).
RPTel 3 If the RPMODE_SYS is defined, this power will be required to teleport a player to another location currently in RPMODE.
SEARCH 3 Ability to @search other players.
SEE_ALL 3 Power to examine objects not owned by you.
SEE_QUEUE 3 Can see other players queue.
SITE S1 Can use game-site specific commands such as @dump, @shutdown, etc..
SQL_Ok S1 Can use SQL related functions
@SU 3 Allows using '@su' to switch user to another player without password.
SUMMON 3 Power to summon others.
TEL_THING 3 Power to teleport anything within your class and division scope
TEL_PLACE 3 Power to teleport to anywhere within your class and division scope
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