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Contributing to the CobraMUSH Wiki

We welcome anyone & everyone to contribute to the CobraMUSH wiki to the best of their abilities. However we would like a few rules to followed on picking the proper namespaces for the topics you add.

Brief Tutorial on Adding a Topic to a particular Namespace

Even though the Doku Wiki Syntax entry explains these such things. I thought I'd a give a brief understanding of how to add to a particular namespace here as well.

To reference a topic to a particular namespace


To reference a topic in the entries current namespace


To reference back to the root namespace


List of Namespaces Currently Used and their Assosciates

NameSpace Description
Elsemu Namespace used to reference any individual MU* game referred to by name.
Softcode Namespace used to reference a topic dealing with an item used in MUSH Softcode.
darcs Namespace used to reference information dealing with the darcs repoistory system.
servers Namespaced used to reference a particular MUSH Server such as TinyMUSE or PennMUSH.
wiki Namespace used to reference general information pertaining to the wiki.
people Namespace used to detail a particular person mentioned in the wiki.
scripts Namespace to describe a particular scriptfile
fspace Namespace to describe FrontierSpace related items
alisp Namespace to describe ALisp-related items
mush.cnf Namespace to describe anything assosciated with CobraMUSH configuration options.
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