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Rick Bird, or better known as Nveid was the principle coder for CobraMUSH up until May 2007. Since then his involvement in the project has significantly slowed down due to real life circumstances of having a kid and limiting his time to contribute to the project.

The first version of KickAssMUSH, or better known as CobraMUSH now was created from ideals explained by Jamie Warren to Nveid on how the TOS TrekMUSE security system was and generally how it kicked ass. CobraMUSH is not an exact replica of TOS TrekMUSE but the design principles are very similar from Jamie's explanations and desires came from TOS TrekMUSE. The original system was a 4 tier system of division, powers, levels, and powerlevels. Powerlevels were more or less what the current Powergroups serve in place of, being a list of powervalues set upon player containing a max power allowed on them, and automatic powers set upon them when given the Powerlevel. However powerlevels made no sense for what they were created for, as we had 30 levels & 30 powerlevels and everyone was basically intertwining levels with powerlevels which was not the purpose fo them. Since the original incarnation of CobraMUSH, the power system has been rewritten, powerlevel concept refined to a 'named powergroup' concept allowing multiple ones set on a player at a time, and many many more features. CobraMUSH at its creation was probably resembled more of a TOS replica than anything as most of its original ideas came from that, however since then Nveid has introduced many many ideas of his own improving CobraMUSH with the basic principles of being flexible, secure, and in plain simply.. KickAss… :)

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