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A complete economy for Frontier Space has never been completely designed.

However a few basic concepts exist with in FrontierSpace for the possible integration with an economy system.

This wiki file will basically describe Yesterday's Voyage current implementation of an economy interface.

Commodity Object

The commodity object, defined in mush.cnf. Is the basic definition file of commodities within FrontierSpace.

Commodities are defined as follows.

  1. &VALID_COMMODS attribute. List in the order of <commod#>:<Commodname>
    1. &VALID_COMMODS CommodObj = : 1:Fuel 2:Rice 3:Duranium 4:Tritanium 5:Dilithium 6:Water 7:Antimatter 8:Deuterium 9:Gold 10:Steel
  2. &INF_<commod number (found next to it's name in valid_commods)> <Contaminated: 1 or 0> <Explosive Yield: #.# J/unit> <Mass: #.# kg/unit> <Unit name Plural: Kilograms> <Unit name singular: Kilogram> <Volatile: 1 or 0> <Volume: #.# m^3/unit>
    1. &INF_1 CommodObj = 0 2.0 1.0 liters liter 1 0.001


Currently fuel is the only commodity actual used in any means what so ever in the FrontierSpace simulation.

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